2x2" durable everyday stickers


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2x2" durable everyday stickers
2x2" durable everyday stickers
2x2" durable everyday stickers
2x2" durable everyday stickers

Our brand new super durable everyday stickers! 

If you are already familiar with our street stickers, these new everyday color-block stickers are a much higher quality than the street stickers you already know. While street stickers are intended to be an inexpensive option for you to spread a positive message, these new everyday color-block stickers are made to stand up to intense everyday use on items such as your phone, tablet, hydroflask, secret adults-only flask, laptop, notebooks, high-traffic areas and any other place that might get a lot of wear and tear. 

These superb quality stickers are printed on vinyl and coated with a matte finish protective laminate. They are fade-resistant (3-5 years), water-resistant, OK for use in wind, rain, sunlight, and pretty much any other thing you can subject them to. Yep, they're even dishwasher safe! These stickers will probably last longer than the electronics you stick them to. Just sayin! 


Primary Red + white text
Primary Orange + white text
Primary Yellow + white text
Primary Green + white text 
Primary Blue + white text
Standard Black + white text
Rainbow gradient + black text

Yes! You can mix and match colors when you buy more than one sticker at a time. You may only mix with other stickers from this same everyday durable sticker set (no holographics). If you are interested in only 1 of each color, head over to the product page for the Primary colorblock spectrum set for a discount  ;)

Each sticker measures 2x2" square with a full bleed (no white or black border.)



1 for $2
3 for $5
7 for $10
15 for $20
50 for $50


*If you would like to suggest a color that we should add to our shop, please get in touch and let us know what you'd like to see.